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Once upon a time there was a little government. 

Inside, every day we worked to second guess the leadership, everyday leadership tried to guess the mood of the community.  Outside, a discontinuity emerged as the world became more connected and capitalism exploited the new ecosystem. Some clever people learned … Continue reading

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You’ll never know if you don’t go

Ok so this is a weird little thing that just happened to me this morning on March 24, 2021. I am doing a little early morning creative work, and trying to open an old illustrator file. The internet says I … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2020 eh?

At the end of 2019 I concluded an assignment with the very talented folks at the Policy Community Partnership Office. In my time there I explored the policy process within the GC and co-created a new framework for learning about … Continue reading

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I was a “risky” hire.  Not quite cut from the same cloth. A slightly irregular education. A different sort of professional background. An advocate for better, maybe not anonymous enough…someone with an opinion. The system, like any mature system, naturally … Continue reading

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Conference report – culture, SNA and failure

Yesterday I was part of a panel at the Conference Board event on Public Service Transformation with Virginie Carrier, Senior Strategist, Future Workforce Strategies, DND, and Teresa D’Andrea, Director, GC Digital Exchange, Office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada, … Continue reading

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Collaboration eh? 

In honour of the FWD50 conference taking place in Ottawa this week, here is a post that seems relevant to the conference theme of “Use technology to make society better for all”. It is a post about yesterday, today and … Continue reading

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It’s time to explain the cow…

It’s about listening At the beginning of this year, I was deep into engagement around creating Canada’s next plan for open government. As part of this process, I was promoting events on the twitter and one of my tweets caught … Continue reading

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The Chatham House Party report

I was reminded this morning of Blueprint 2020 and the Chatham House party that we organized back in 2013. Reviewing the blog posts from back in the day, I notice that it looks like I never wrote the follow up bit, … Continue reading

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So today I put my best friend down

And I hope someone will do the same for me. This is probably the hardest thing I have done, and that includes taking my mother off of life support. Tomorrow at 3:00 an animal doctor and her assistant will come … Continue reading

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Perennially broken but OK for now?

As some of you know I share my current life with a couple of beautiful animals. The Golden Retrievers Otis and Saul.  They consume a fair amount of food and about a decade ago I purchased a large plastic bin … Continue reading

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