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So what’s with the ducks?

  Those of you that have been to my office know that I seem to have an obsession with ducks, particularly the bathtub kind. My collection of rubber, plastic, glass and paper ducks was mostly accumulated a few years ago … Continue reading

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You can change culture now: 3 essential truths for public service leaders

Three profound truths that I discovered at a red light one day… Continue reading

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Good enough, is.

I have worked with government now for about 15 years and somewhere in that period I became infected with Public Service Renewal disease.  I call it that because that was I how I first learned to articulate it. But you … Continue reading

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Three words for the season

This holiday season I would like to share a song with you from a band that my teenage son introduced to me to. It is certainly not a Christmas song, but I think the sentiment is one that is appropriate. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Open

This post originally appeared in the Canadian Government Executive Blog, November, 10, 2013. Over the years I have had the chance to reflect upon lessons from quite a few successful and unsuccessful projects.  One of the more significant things that I … Continue reading

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Collaboration Tools & the Shirky Ladder

This post originally appeared as part of the GTEC 2013 Blog Collaboration is a word you hear a lot these days, and its one of GTEC13’s theme words.   In the Government of Canada (GC) Public Service context, the Chief Information … Continue reading

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The Culture Table – Request for input

The purpose of this post is to share something I am working on in the hopes of receiving some feedback from people like you. Back in April I wrote a post entitled “Hold your breath, it’s going to go deep”  … Continue reading

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