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The story of Harvey

This is a hard story to tell. A few days ago we picked up an 8 week old golden retriever and we called him Harvey. He was coming home to us two other dogs, one of whom you may know … Continue reading

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Becoming a free agent

After more than three years with the Open Government team, the time has come to try out a new path. Recently I was accepted into the Free Agent program in the Government of Canada. This program is intended to help government  deliver … Continue reading

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March 2016 Update

This is my annual(ish) update where I send you a few words on my recent experience, and then a few more about an event that you might like to attend. As you might know, I have been working in Open … Continue reading

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Why open government is important to me.

This post is the second in a two part series about what motivates people to get involved in Open Government.It originally appeared in the GTEC2104 Blog. Open Government impacts our economy, political system, social stability, quality of life, beliefs, and … Continue reading

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Whatever I say, it won’t be enough…

Today is the 7th anniversary the death of my mother. In remembrance, this is the Eulogy I presented at her funeral.  I am the youngest of three very fortunate boys. We are fortunate because we had many years of love and … Continue reading

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There is a parrot sitting on my shoulder…

I recently changed my avatar on some of my social media and wanted to share the complete picture so you know what is behind the expression. This image was captured at GTEC a year or two ago.  Early in my career I … Continue reading

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Music and motivation

Came across this on twitter and thought it was interesting. I know that music affects my performance. What about you? Think of a strategic musical choice to give your brain and body a motivational boost (via @aequals440) @globeandmail

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