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This page is a collection of things I have written or been quoted in, click on images for the link.

toddcastMy first Podcast experience.

In 2017 I had the honour of being a guest on the ToddCast. We talked about the importance of failure amongst other things.
Click on the image to listen.

Chatham house article.

Can a Chatham House Party cure CLM Disease?

This article appeared in the February 2014 issue of Canadian Government Executive Magazine. It describes the process and tools used to create an innovative engagement that myself and some other volunteers organized in support of the Federal Government’s Blueprint 2020 renewal initiative. CLM stands for Career Limiting Move.

TN_Optimum_onlineThe Crowded Boardroom – GCPEDIA and the Canadian Federal Government Hierarchy, Optimum Online Vol 43, No4, Dec. 2013

This paper examines the cultural and internal governance implications of the introduction of a horizontally enabling Web 2.0 technology (open source MediaWiki) in a large enterprise (the Public Service of Canada), in the period 2007-2010. It was written and presented as part of the World Social Science Forum Conference in Montreal, October, 2013. Some interesting conclusions on Page 12. TN_Crowded Boardroom Here is a PDF version of the original paper above which was entitled The Crowded Boardroom: When the long tail collides with hierarchy.

logo_405_script  Impressions of #gtec13

@richardpietro and I chatted with@Gov20Radio Listen here

Reflections on Information, People and Society: Discovering collective intelligence and a Framework for the Virtual Government Network (.pdf)

This is my final reflection paper for the course MGMT5001: Information, People and Society form the Centre for Advanced Management Education at Dalhousie University.  Part of the Masters in Information Management I am pursuing. In it I propose a framework for multi-jurisdictional collaboration.

TN_full size_Embracing complexityHealth Knowledge Management:Embrace the complexity – The paper (.pdf)

This is a paper  I wrote for the Masters of Information Technology program at DAL.  The first big one I have attempted in a while. Not really complete in my mind but maybe a start towards something better. Your comments are welcome. I recently completed my first intensive session and was impressed with the DAL approach as well as the caliber of the staff and students. Bertrum MacDonald, the professor is hoping to do some research on the science – policy integration issue.

TN_full size Embracing complexity_PREZ_Health Knowledge Management:Embrace the complexity – The Presentation (.pptx)

This is the presentation to accompany the paper of the same name.

TN CGE ArticleCGE Oct 2010 Article – Mission Critical IT (.pdf)

Rust out is becoming a critical issue for public sector decision-makers. One place where the pressure to renew infrastructure is particularly acute is in the CIO’s office.  More

TN_GSA_Government by ColllaborationGCPEDIA – Collaborative Government (pdf)

This is a pretty good overview of the GCPEDIA project, it was written by myself and a dozen or so contributors on a wiki.

canada pressFeds rush to social media to engage public, but lock out their own staff (.pdf)

By: Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press Posted: 30/10/2010 OTTAWA – For bureaucrats used to filling out forms in triplicate and waiting days for approval to open their mouths, freedom in the form of 140 characters was a novelty. But then the Clerk of the Privy Council started tweeting. Since Wayne Wouters began using the social messaging site, his online presence has been taken as a call to thumbs by the public service.   More

TN_Full size_Coherency_ManagementMarketing Communications for Coherency Management (.pdf)

To mature, an organization must change and this article provides a concise over- view of some marketing & communications concepts for promoting change. It concludes with a real life example that features the ducks.  This document originally appeared as a chapter in Architecting the Enterprise for  Alignment, Agility and Assurance Edited by: Gary Doucet, John Gøtze, Pallab Saha, and Scott Bernard

Airplane_presThom Kearney on SlideShare

A variety of presentations on GCPEDIA, collaboration and who knows what else.

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