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A short bio:

Thom is an award-winning teacher, passionate learner and public servant helping to tell stories of growth and navigate changing landscapes.

In 2009 he helped Government of Canada employees to be more open in their dealings between each other through the introduction of the GCpedia enterprise wiki, and GCconnex professional networking platforms.  That experience convinced him that open really is better, and for several years he could be found leading the public consultations on Canada’s Plan on Open Government.

Today he is a Government of Canada Free Agent, working on assignment with the Policy Community Partnership Office as Lead of Learning.

Thom has been involved in all aspects of Web 2.0, (and Web 1.0), including tools, information management, governance, policy development, and most importantly the adoption of collaborative behaviours across the Public Service.

@ThomKearney is active on Twitter, and occasionally blogs at NuSum.wordpress.com. When he is not working he can likely be found somewhere near water with his two Golden Retrievers.

Speciality areas: Strategy, Open collaboration, Marketing Communication, Learning and Culture Change, Social Governance, Knowledge Management.

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About this blog

This blog reflects the topics that consume me at any given time and hopefully, it will evolve into something that proves useful to others. I am open to the idea of guest bloggers as well.

Unless otherwise noted everything here is Creative Commons Attribution-Share and Share Alike.Creative Commons License
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