MarCom story tellers wanted, 2022 edition

In January and February I teach a course entitled Professional Practice, which is part of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Program at Algonquin College. The course is for students about to graduate from the three-year program and is intended to help with the transition from school to the workplace, the course outline reads:

“Attitude, communication, and human relations are the key to surviving in the ever-changing world of advertising. This course helps you prepare for workplace success by providing practical expectations and useful tools to make a successful transition from school to workplace. The course discusses self-management, workplace politics and etiquette, building relationships, and tools for the future.”

A key part of the course is the speaker’s program where professionals like you share their wisdom and insights into the real world. This year we have the added challenge of doing so during a global pandemic.

The main themes of the course are a personal brand, networking, and finance with an emphasis on the first two.  I try to bring in a variety of people from recent graduates to experienced mavens and not every speaker is from the communications industry. Some speakers dive deep into relevant topics while others simply tell their career story and engage in conversation.  Self-awareness and career success are two common themes we explore, usually within a marketing context.

If you have some insight to share or an interesting (and motivating) story to tell, I would like to hear from you.

There are about a dozen, 30-45-minute speaking spots available on Thursdays between Noon and 3:00 PM EDT, from January 13 to February 24, please get in touch with me via a reply to this post or find me on twitter @thomkearney.

Thank you.


About Thom Kearney

Change agent, teacher, arts, science, open government, father, mentor, storyteller, husband, dog owner,collaborator, not necessarily in that order.
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